About Me

Hello!  I am Lisa...a Whimsical Sol.  I am living the life I love, in Northern California, east of San Francisco.  Life as a single mom of 2 boys is a wild adventure.  Fortunately, my family has a ranch where my boys are able to run free, explore and play with our animal family.

Writing is my passion and I like to sing and paint (To see what happens when I play with paint, visit my site on etsy.).  My first novel is almost finished and I am building up the courage to finally let it go. :) 

Lucky for me I have lots to write about.  I just need to glue my bottom to my chair and do it.  Trying to date as a single mom is a hilarious story in itself.  Add a close family, lots of friends, dogs, cats, llamas, horses, miniature donkeys, sheep, pygmy goats, fish, a parrot and a bunny, and you see that this Whimsical Sol has an overabundance of material to work with.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please join in me in discovering our Whimsical Sols and finding ways to express our true selves and shine.  This is going to be fun! :)

LIFE...what an amazing view!

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