Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, of my Soul

What do you see when you look into your mirror? Your beautiful big brown eyes or that silly little pucker you make as you put on your lipstick? Do you giggle when you see your morning bed head or make funny faces as you brush your teeth? Maybe you love to give yourself a once over and tell your reflection that you look hot and today is going to be an amazing day!

Is it possible that you gaze into another kind of mirror?  This type is worse than never looking in a mirror at all. The Flaw Finder Mirror looks just like an ordinary mirror, but it holds your insecurities and fears within. You’d think that this would be a dreaded mirror. Surprisingly, it is not. Lots of women find an odd pleasure in looking closely at themselves and searching for imperfections. Since none of us are perfect, it’s really not that difficult of a task. What puzzles me is the reward.

Why do women spend so much time searching for something to be wrong with them? Are they on a quest to uncover their flaws so they can improve them? Do they think that if they notice their perceived imperfections before someone else points them out, that they have an advantage? Maybe they feel unworthy and just want to feel miserable. Or could it be that scrutinizing their appearance is easier than accepting the brilliant light within them?

Have you ever looked into a cloudy mirror? The last time I saw myself in one, was in a restroom at a national park. It gave my reflection a soft focus kind of feel. I could just see sort of the essence of me and it made me smile.

Maybe a cloudy mirror is the way to go! After a day of hiking, I am pretty sure that my hair and make-up were not perfect. What was perfect, was the way I felt. I was so happy and I saw that glow in the mirror.

Okay, maybe a cloudy old mirror isn’t very practical. Putting on makeup would be challenging. You’d also need friends that you trust enough to tell you when you have cracked pepper or spinach in your teeth.

How about if you create a Cloudy New Mirror? Look into your mirror and talk to you – not the flawed you – the real you. Talk about your heart, your spirit, the goodness that you share with the world. Appreciate how incredibly beautiful you truly are. Enjoy the reflection of your soul as you continue to gaze at the only “you” in this world.

You are one of a kind! You are here to shine!

~Lisa…a Whimsical Sol

***Don’t forget about little super reminders – sticky notes! They are terrific tools to keep you focused when looking in your mirror. Try posting what you said to yourself, on your mirror. If you need help with the words, search for books on positive affirmations or better yet, contact me and I’ll help you create affirmations that speak to your Whimsical Sol.

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