Monday, May 16, 2011

The Buzzing of Busyness

Life is a journey.  With a positive attitude and great faith, we can push through, learn and maybe even shine during difficult times.  We know that, but the truth is that living that can be a challenge.  Our daily challenges are not just about survival, but hurts, fears, lost dreams, obstacles, failures or even boredom.  We want to feel significant, have a purpose or desire to make a difference.

How do we deal with all of that?  We get busy buzzing through life.  It starts out as a little hum when you do good things like keeping your house clean, working extra hours, volunteering or helping friends and family.  The more you do, the better you feel and the hum begins to buzz through your life. Other people start a soothing buzz by taking a little break to talk on the phone, enjoying a little snack, catching up on Facebook or surfing the net.  The buzz can quiet your inner pain and frustrations and when life gets out of balance, it can quickly turn to escape and avoidance through excessive amounts of:  food, alcohol, drugs, TV, sleep, sex, gossiping, cleaning, working, exercise, shopping, decorating, volunteering, Facebook, reading, online games where you tend a virtual Farm or line up jewels, or phone games like Angry Birds.    Anything in excess take us on a path away from our true selves and what is truly important.

It is time to just STOP!  Be still.  Be quiet.  Ask:  What are we avoiding by busying ourselves?  Listen...sit still and really listen.  Do you hear that dream of your life whispering to you?  The more you take time to be still and listen, the voice of your dreams will become louder.  You will no longer be able to drown out your Whimsical Sol by the buzzing of being busy.

Is your Whimsical Sol hiding behind the buzz of your life?  Quiet the buzz and start sharing her message with the world.

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