Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where is Your Tiara?

Did you know that you are the queen of our very own castle and the princess of your very own story?  Even if you live in an apartment or in the suburbs, it's true.  This is your are the don't have much time...let your light shine!

A little over 8 years ago, my very dear friend, Karen, died from complications from breast cancer.  She was only in her early 40s.  Karen was a true Whimsical Sol...Gracious, Giving and Faithful. 

At her lovely memorial service, we all looked up at the gorgeous portrait of her in front of us in disbelief.  How could this wonderful light have left us so early?  Her mother shared that all she could see was herself rocking her daughter in her arms as a baby.  Now her baby was gone.

Friends shared stories of Karen that surprised us all.  Karen had always been a good friend, listener and encourager, but she also had a secret.  It turns out that she had the knack or "gift" for discreetly helping others.  Several people shared similar stories.  One that really stuck with me, was from a young mom.  During an overwhelming time in her life as a stay at home mom, Karen showed up at her door with a string of pearls.  She placed them around the frazzled mom's neck and instructed her to wear them when she did her household chores and errands.  The young mom wearing old sweats protested, saying she couldn't - the pearls were too valuable.  Karen told her that she was the precious one, the one of value.  The pearls were just a reminder that she was a beautiful child of God and He loves her.

Karen knew what the young mom needed.  The pearls were her tiara.  They reminded her to hold her head high and live like she was loved.  Every woman should have her very own tiara.  Do you have a tiara?  Not sure where it is?  Go find it.  You don't have one?  Go buy one or better yet, make your own.  It could be a special necklace, hat or even an actual fancy tiara. 

Put on your tiara and dance while vaccuming, dusting or even paying bills.  It truly helps me when I am feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or just kind of down.  Wearing the tiara is a simple way to help me feel my Whimsical Sol within.  My kids seem to like it when I wear it, but I only physically wear it when I am home.  When I leave the house, it still feels like it is on and I act accordingly. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and underappreciated?  Chances are that you have friends that at times feel the same way.  Try having a "make your own tiara party."  Get some plain crowns, a bunch of jewels and a hot glue gun.  You could get even more creative with head bands and beads.  Invite your friends, crank some music, make a pitcher of drinks and get to work.  You can have fun and relax with your friends and later have a reminder of how special and loved you are.

At times, Whimsical Sols need help shining their light.  Please let me know of discreet ways in which you have helped others or have been helped. 

It's time for me to call some girlfriends and start planning my "Create a Tiara Party."  I can't wait to hear about your parties!  Send me pics!

Keep living the life you love!

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