Friday, June 3, 2011

Where is Your Whimsy?

What kind of question is that?!  Where is my Whimsy?  Do you know all that I have to do in a day?!!  Who has time for whimsy?  Work is overwhelming!  My house is a complete mess - a disaster!  We have no food in the house and we are having my husband's family over for a barbecue tomorrow.  It feels like if I am not at work, I am chauffeuring my kids to their sports, friends' houses or school events.  My dad's lab results won't be ready until next week and I am worried that it won't be good news.  Did I mention that we just got a new puppy?  The worse part is that all around me, people are saying that I should relax.  Relaxing won't pay the bills, fold the laundry or get my daughter's hair styled for her dance recital.

She has a point.  Asking an overwhelmed, overstressed, under-appreciated woman "Where is your whimsy?" might make her feel like she is being pushed over the edge.  Although, that might be a good thing.  Hanging on the edge is a precarious way to live.  When you feel like you are living a life dangerously lacking in security or stability, you need to pick a side.  You have to realize, that you are truly are not helping anyone by being a frazzled martyr.  Choose grabbing onto what you know, like your faith, family and friends - ask for help.  The other option is choosing to fall.  Eventually you will land, take time to heal, and then you are free to begin again...smarter this time.  Like Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, you do better."

Let's try asking the question again...  Where is your Whimsy?  Did you join your kids on the swings or go down the slide when they were playing at the park today?  While driving did you sing along to the radio and make up lyrics to the songs you didn't know?  Did you giggle while you watched you new puppy try to chew on a giant bone?  While on hold waiting to talk to a client at work, did you doodle silly faces on your notepad?  Did you laugh hysterically while playing Wii Dance with your girlfriends?  How did you hold back your laughter, as you looked at your family's faces as you sat down to dinner wearing a tiara?

The more you look, the more you will find your Whimsy.  Where is YOUR Whimsy?

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